My Testimony

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Andrew at Student Council Apple Picking

My name is Andrew Ardern.  I am the student body president this year at New Brunswick Bible Institute.

I was born in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada and lived there for the first year of my life.  My family then moved to a little village about forty five minutes away named Tatamagouche.  There I had a pretty normal life up until I was age seven.  It was in February of that year that I went through a life-changing experience.

I was going through a phase where I was faking sickness to stay home from school. This lasted for a few days, but one day my dad figured it out and sent me to school. It was on that day he went into town with a friend and on the way back home got in a terrible accident.  It happened when my dad’s vehicle went through the wooden side of a bridge, flipped over, broke through the ice and settled in a river.  My dad was up to his neck in ice cold water for 45 minutes.  Finally, he was able to unbuckle himself and come up to the surface. Unfortunately, my dad’s friend died in the crash before they went in the water.  Praise God my dad survived.

My father recovered and life went on. We continued to attend the United Church that we had been attending all my life. However, about six months later, my mom was invited to Earltown Community Church by a friend and went to check it out. It was at this church, she learned different things besides what we she was taught in the United Church. She liked the people there and began to occasionally attend. Soon she convinced my sister and me to come along also.  Dad finally began attending after the United Church started playing around with changing doctrines again (For example: Teaching the that God could be a woman.)  This upset dad and he began attending at Earltown also.  Soon, my mom came to know Christ as her Saviour and I did as well on February 22, 1998. In July, two years later, I was baptized.

A few years after that, I began attending a Christian school and went to work at a camp called Arrowhead Native Bible Center. There I made lots of friends and returned year after year.  This experience also caused me to grow in my walk with God.  Over the years, I went through some highs and lows in my spiritual walk.  However, I stayed fairly consistent and never strayed too far in rebelling from my parents or getting into drugs or alcohol.

After high school, I decided to attend N.B.B.I. where I am currently in my third year of study. My experience with N.B.B.I. has allowed me to be involved in four short term missions trips, My first trip was with my youth group to the N.B.B.I. campus to help the school with their summer Vacation with a Vision program, the second to the Dominican Republic, the third to Bermuda for two weeks with Al Cabral and the fourth was another eight week trip to Bermuda this past summer.

New Brunswick Bible Institute has been a key influence in my life, I have been to Kids’ Quest, teen retreats, conferences and other special events. Being a student at N.B.B.I. has helped me understand the meat of the Word of God and apply it to my life. Looking back over the last two years, and entering into my third year of study, I am very thankful for the staff who give sacrificially to serve us, the classes that are taught, and the opportunities available during the school year. I am looking forward to learning a lot this year as well as giving back to the school and students. Please keep me in your prayers this year as I am in leadership roles both as an R.A. and as President.

Thank you!

Grace and Peace,

Andrew K. C. Ardern

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