My Walk with NBBI

Andrew Ardern, NBBI Student Body President

Kids’ Quest, Teen Retreats, Fall and Spring Conferences, College for a Day and Vacation With A Vision – before becoming a student here, I attended them all. I remember the first time I stepped on campus, having a very hard time navigating the campus. I remember being led to my seat at dinner by Mr. Wiggins with his flags. I also remember staying in the dorm with some students at different retreats and thinking they were very old. I am still in contact with some of those former students, some challenged me during devotions before bed and some shared with me what they had learned in class that week.

At one Spring Conference, the men’s quartet sang the song, “A Few Good Men” by the Gaither Vocal Band. I was probably only around twelve at the time but I was deeply moved by that song and vowed to be one of those few good men whom God can depend on. At that time I knew I would be attending NBBI.

Years passed and I finally arrived on campus as a freshman. That year was a hard year for me as I struggled with different heart issues of which I was not ready to let go. Although it was a painful experience at times, I stuck to it and God taught me many lessons that year.

Last year was my junior year. That year I grew immensely and learned many lessons. God began to change my heart and develop me. I was also privileged to have a couple of classmates invest in me and strive to see me succeed.

As this year began, I was elected Student Body President. It has been a great privilege to lead the students this year. I do not know exactly what the future holds for me. However, I do not think I will know the value NBBI will have had on my life until I get to Heaven.

This article appears in the February 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.

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