President’s Challenge – We Are Available

R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI

NBBI faculty and staff are always ready to help and assist local churches, Christian camps, youth groups, Christian schools, missions and other Christian organizations with special speakers, music teams, testimonies, skit presentations, youth workers, etc. We are available.

1. We provide speakers for Sunday services, mission conferences, evangelistic meetings, men’s and ladies’ meetings, marriage retreats, youth camps, Vacation Bible School and many other venues.

2. Our music director and student music teams are available to provide good quality Christian music for both young and old at regular services or special events you may organize.

3. Our student SEM team is able to provide skits with a spiritual emphasis, testimonies, Bible messages and praise music, as well as help with games, activities and sports at youth events.

4. NBBI extension classes are also available to local churches. NBBI faculty can come to your area for a weekend of concentrated Bible courses, or a number of weekends or week nights to hold special classes of ministry and theological training.

5. We are available for pulpit supply and to help churches without pastors. On occasion, we have staff, or mature married students, who can serve in an interim capacity as churches search for a full time shepherd.

6. Our Christian Service department is often able to help churches in our region with student workers for youth groups, Sunday School and other church ministries.

7. During the school year, staff and students are able to travel in the Maritimes, as well as Maine, New Hampshire and Quebec for weekend ministry. When schedules allow, staff are able to travel as far as necessary to take advantage of ministry opportunities.

8. We do not have any financial requirements or stipulations for our staff or students to minister at various events. We are a faith based ministry and trust our God to provide all of our needs through the generosity of His people. NBBI covers the travel and ministry costs of all staff and students. Gifts to NBBI are always most appreciated.

Please contact our office at (506) 375-9000 or e-mail us at for inquiries regarding speakers and student ministry, music teams, school presentations and promotions or our Christian Service department.

We are available and we do want to help whenever we possibly can!

This article appears in the July/August 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.

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