President’s Challenge – Our Purpose and Philosophy (Part 1)

R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI

by Barry Beebe

Over the past 2009-2010 school year, the NBBI’s Board of Directors has been reviewing the purpose and philosophy of New Brunswick Bible Institute. In doing so, we reviewed our Act of Incorporation, a 1945-1946 Bulletin and Prospectus and various other articles from former leaders of this institution.

This paragraph from our Act of Incorporation defines our purpose. It states that we are “constituted a body corporate and politic…with the purposes and objectives of establishing a school for training of young men and women in a thorough and practical knowledge of the Bible and to the use of the same in any form of Christian activity to meet the need of all the various evangelical bodies for trained workers in the Maritime provinces and in home and foreign missionary work in general.”

In this early publication drafted by our founding fathers in 1945 we read this purpose statement. “The principle purpose of the New Brunswick Bible Institute is to give Bible training to consecrated Christian young people for full time service for the Lord at home or abroad.” Bulletin & Prospectus, 1945-46. Here are some other quotes from that brochure:

“It is our earnest prayer that New Brunswick Bible Institute will ever be a missionary school. When the missionary vision of any Bible institute wanes, its very life is sorely in danger.” – Rev. John Parschauer, Founder

“…the institute may ever be recognized as a place where young lives will receive a missionary vision and a sound training…” – Clayton B. Clark, President, Board of Directors

“The aim of this institution is to provide its students with a practical working knowledge of the Bible so that they might be in a position to impart this all-satisfying Bread of Life to others.” – C. E. Rideout, Vice President, Board of Directors.

Our philosophy statement reads, “The sole authority for ministry at New Brunswick Bible Institute is the Word of God and our sufficiency in service is Jesus Christ. We seek to train students in godliness and help them discover and develop their gifts in order to be a relevant participants in the Great Commission.”

Principal, Rev. Kenneth M. Robins’ classic statement says, “With the prospering hand of the Lord and in the will of God it would be expected there will be growth in student enrolment and staff personnel. This no doubt will bring about necessary changes. My prayer is however that whatever expansions and changes are made, the basic Christian and biblical philosophies we now hold will be maintained. Ever this school should remain solid in discipline, spiritual in outlook, missionary in outreach and simple in faith and practice. It must ever be a school where the Word of God is taught, practised and honoured.”

Our catalogue sites three basic goals for the efficient training of Christian workers:

  1. The core of our curriculum must be the Word of God.
  2. Knowledge must be accompanied by a disciplined life, especially in prayer and purity.
  3. We must be committed to worldwide evangelism and missions.

The NBBI Board of Directors, as well as our administration, faculty and staff are wholeheartedly committed to these foundational principles that have guided this institution of biblical training for 66 years. This is not only the truth about our past, but also our efforts in the present and our commitment to the future.

This article appears in the September 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.

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