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Challenging the students to be good soldiers in the armour of God

We  have finished our first week of studies here at NBBI.  It is very encouraging to see and hear the excitement of our students, especially our freshmen as they are introduced to new classes, making new friends and eagerly accepting their responsibilities and duties for this school year.  It is always a challenge to get to know the names of our new students, learn where they are from, find out why God has led them to NBBI and what their heart beat is for Christ.

I was privileged to speak a number of times in chapel about the good fight of faith. I spoke on being a good soldier, following our good Commander, wearing the good armour of God, fighting for the good faith and standing against the evil enemy of good.  We have a Christian soldier’s armour display at the front of our chapel to symbolize Christ, His finished work at the cross and the spiritual clothing He has provided for us to win victories over our enemies.

I taught the book of Job for Old Testament Synthesis last week and we observed how Job, in that ancient day, through the grace of his God, was able to stand against all of the spiritual, physical, financial, family and marital attacks that come upon him.

I also have been teaching in our Evangelism classes regarding New Testament evangelism so aptly described in the four Great Commission statements of our Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelism class seems to be energized for this task and are in the process of sending a letter of testimony to an unsaved loved one, friend or acquaintance.  We are praying that God will touch many hearts.

Softball season begins here at NBBI soon.  We have six teams that will be competing, three in the National league and three in the American league.  This year it is my privilege to coach Beebes’ Battalion.  This is always a great way to get to know our new students and work together for the goal of winning, as well as being supportive team members.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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