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We just had a beautiful fall weekend here on the NBBI campus.  The second week of the school year is traditionally “Harvest Fest” for our student body, organized by the student council.  They had an enjoyable time going to the Hunter Brothers’ Farm in Florenceville to make their way through the corn maize, as well as a hay ride and then other activities here on campus.  It concluded with a bonfire, song and testimony time at Riverside Park.

Some of our students did ministry this weekend at Tay Valley Bible Camp for their floor hockey tournament.  I heard that a number of young people came to know Christ as their Saviour.

I was privileged once again to speak at the Master’s Men’s Breakfast at the People’s Church in Somerville, NB.  I spoke on the priorities of a Christian man, those priorities being:  the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost); the family (wife, children, relatives) and the ministry (our local church, community and career).  Pastor Darel Tozer has organized the Master’s Men program to develop a stronger comradary of men in the church, to disciple other men, to do community service activities and promote evangelistic and missionary programs.

We are  looking forward to this third week of classes.  We have a number of missionaries and Christian workers who will be doing chapel sessions, as well as teaching some classes.

Our freshmen students are doing their devotional readings in the Gospel of John.  I read this morning in John 4 regarding Jesus’ witness to the woman at the well.  How He made a personal contact with her asking for her assistance in drawing water and using the water and the well to illustrate the gift of eternal life, new life within us springing up constantly to refresh our hearts and souls.  The Lord first spoke to her about the gift, then He spoke to her about her sin and finally, He spoke to her about the reality of Himself being the Messiah who is to be worshiped above all.  What a great impact her conversion had on her town as many came to faith in Christ through her testimony and other came to hear Jesus speak and believe upon His name.

Jesus overcame the obstacles of His weariness, of the Jew/Samaritan conflict, of the gender difficulties in that ancient culture and in religious differences regarding Jacob and his children and whether worship is in the mountains of Samaria or Jerusalem.  The Lord Jesus stayed focused on the gift of eternal life as being the main issue.  As a result, though the Samaritan woman tried, at times, to change the conversation, she ultimately confessed Christ as the Messiah.

As we journey through life, may we also take advantage of opportunities to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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