President’s Challenge – Our Purpose and Philosophy (Part 2)

Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President
Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

The word “philosophy” is derived from two Greek words, philo which refers to love and sophia which refers to wisdom. Philosophy speaks of a passionate search for truth, wisdom and reality. This results in the eventual realization and understanding of that truth, which allows the development of a framework of beliefs and principles upon which an individual or group of people would function.

New Brunswick Bible Institute carefully derives its philosophy from: (1) The Biblical patterns of discipleship, mentoring and training believers as found in the Word of God. (2) The purposes and intents of the founding fathers and directors of this institution. (3) The Board of Directors, who are responsible to lead this ministry, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that we can be ever effective in training Christian workers.

New Brunswick Bible Institute’s philosophy of ministry includes: (1) the theological and doctrinal position of this institution (2) the goals and purposes of this institution (3) the objectives and directives of function for this institution and (4) the affiliations and associations of this institution.

The purpose of the New Brunswick Bible Institute is to assist the church of Jesus Christ in the training of men and women to be effective followers of Jesus Christ in the fulfilment of the Great Commission, to serve worldwide in missions, evangelism and discipleship.

NBBI’s objectives, for which we strive continually, are: (1) Biblical Training – The Word of God is to be the main ingredient in teaching men and women to live godly Christian lives and to serve in a holy and acceptable manner. Our courses and our ministries are to be derived from and saturated with the Scripture for evangelism and discipleship. (2) Character Training – We seek to teach men and women to live a godly, spiritual and disciplined Christian life. We seek to challenge our students to rise above self-discipline, or required-discipline, and live a Holy Spirit-disciplined life. (3) Ministry Training – We are preparing servants of Christ, in conjunction with local churches and Christian families, to be devoted to the great mission Jesus has given us. We seek to help students recognize and use their talents, gifts, abilities, possessions and time by serving one another on campus, in churches, in the community, in Christian camps, on mission trips, etc.

Over the past 66 years we have seen many changes in our policies, programs, properties and people, yet our philosophy remains the same. More changes will come as we seek to remain healthy, effective and energized in our mission.

Our commitment to the Lord and His people is that we will ever be true to the foundational principles that have brought this school into the 21st century.

This article appears in the October 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.

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