Summer Projects

Here is what our maintenance crew, along with our Vacation with a Vision volunteers were able to accomplish this summer: Renovations were done to the board room, the Kents’ home and the Robins’ front deck. The games’ room was gyprocked, crackfilled and painted. (funded by the student body). Five new floors were laid in Liberty Hall and many others refurbished. Liberty Hall and Beacon Hall were partially cleaned and the steps to the ladies’ dorms were painted. The removable wall between the chapel and gym was restored and painted.

Thanks to all those who prayed for or gave financially to Vacation with a Vision and a special thanks to those who gave their time to help accomplish these projects.

Post by: Paul Long, NBBI Maintenance Director

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  1. john lane

    im suprised NBBI alows face book j lane “82”

  2. Jack Caron

    We try to lead the way by example. Almost all our current students and many alumni are using Facebook as a way to communicate. We have found it to be a great tool used to connect with people and get out the latest information, announcements, photos and audio resources. Like many things it has its limitations and can also be used as a time-waster. I am constantly reminding our students that they need to be “salt and light” among their friends online as well as the ones they meet with in person.

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