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Gary Long was our Kids' Quest speaker

Three great events transpired over the past weekend.  Friday and Saturday we had our annual Kids Quest here on campus.  We had a good number of children aged 7-12, as well as leaders, join us for special Bible rallies, music, games, sports, contests, swimming, etc. Missionary, Gary Long, with Canadian Sunday School Mission, was our keynote speaker. Our staff committee, along with our students, worked very hard in ministering to these young people.  I am sure many hearts were encouraged and blessed.

NBBI Kids' Quest 2010

I have heard that some children trusted Christ as Saviour.  We are thankful to local churches and their youth workers who come each year to be part of Kids’ Quest.

The second special event was “Youth Wars” at the Peoples Church in Truro, Nova Scotia. Youth Pastor Bruce Steeves and other youth pastors in the Maritimes joined together for this very special activity. Again this year we were able to send four of our students to assist in the running of the various activities as well as to minister to young people and promote the ministry of New Brunswick Bible Institute.  Our students gave away about 30 NBBI t-shirts as well as literature to encourage young men and women to consider a biblical education.  They also were able to be involved in Sunday morning activities, giving testimonies in the morning service and working in the junior church program.

Food for the soul... Kraft Dinner

Youth Pastor Bruce Steeves and other youth pastors in the town, have, for a number of years, conducted “Kraft Dinner Day” each Thursday of the school year.  Junior and senior high school students are invited for a free meal and to connect with Christian young people, youth pastors and their helpers.  Each year this “Kraft Thursday” has been growing.  I understand they now have reached as many as 600 teenagers this fall with a “Kraft Dinner” meal.  What a great way to make connections with hundreds of unsaved teens who need the Lord Jesus Christ.

The third special event of this weekend was when Matt Larabie, our music director, along with two of our students and myself visited the Dyer Brook Community Church in Dyer Brook, Maine.  Pastor Andy Harthorne and his wife Cher are both graduates of NBBI and they, along with their four lovely children, have been serving at this church for a number of years.  It was a great honour to be able to preach the Word of God and promote the ministry of New Brunswick Bible Institute.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Matt Larabie sang and our two students gave personal testimony of the work of Jesus Christ in their lives.  We certainly appreciated the fellowship of this church family. They certainly seem to have a vision for their area as they expand their church sanctuary and reach out in their community for Christ.  It is exciting to see God use our grads in such effective ways.

Last week a number of our staff members joined together to attend the “Signature Sound” Gospel concert in Houlton, Maine.  Over 1000 people gathered together to hear some great old and new songs from this unique quartet.  They are on a two year tour in honour of the former Cathedral Quartet.  It was a special night to be ministered to.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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