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October is a beautiful month here in the St. John River Valley.  We have been enjoying God’s handiwork all around us these past few weeks.  It is also a very busy month on campus as we have entered our second module of study and various missionaries and Christian leaders have been and will be on campus ministering in chapel and in the classroom.

Pastor John & Lillian Boyd of Temple Baptist Church in Cambridge, Ontario are currently teaching a two week course to our seniors on pastoral ministry and ladies’ ministry. Gary Stairs and Barry Speck, Word of Life leaders in Canada, are also teaching a two week course on Youth Ministries.

Last week, after returning from an enjoyable Thanksgiving break, our softball season came to an exciting end as Meed’s Mavericks defeated Caron’s Cardinals for the world series softball championship here on campus.

Our students are doing a great job with regards to their studies, student training and Christian service assignments.  We are blessed to have these young men and women here being trained in the Word of God.  They are a great encouragement to us.

My wife Linda and I were able to have a special Sunday morning of ministry at Nasonworth Baptist Church, Nasonworth, NB, just outside of Fredericton.  Pastor Dave Gray and his wife Irma were away celebrating their 40th anniversary of marriage and ministry.  It was a delight to fellowship with God’s people, see how God is working in this local church and their receptiveness to the Word of God as I preached.  We are thankful for the many local Bible believing churches that we are able to support as a school so their men and women can be trained and discipled for Christian living and ministry.

I am currently teaching a course to our freshmen students on “The 10 Pillars of Evangelism”.  We have been talking about prayer evangelism and how it is patterned in the Gospels, the Old Testament, the book of Acts and the church letters.  We have been focusing on whether our prayers make a difference with regards to evangelism, conviction of sin and the process of someone coming to repentance in our Lord Jesus Christ.  These certainly our questions we need to sort out in our minds and hearts from the Word of God so we will be genuine in our commitment to evangelism and the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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