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Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President
Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

Last week I attended the yearly hunters’ retreat and Bible studies at Camp Taylor in Hartford, Maine.  These are always great times of friendship, fellowship and sharing together around the Word of God.  Men hunted during the day and each evening had a tremendous supper followed by sharing and my opportunity to teach the Word of God.  Matthieu Larabie was with me and each evening sang and testified to the goodness of our God.   This year no one was fortunate enough to get a deer.  However, we were all rejoicing with one gentleman who came to know Christ as personal Saviour.  There were two or three other unsaved men who came to the Bible studies.  We are praying they too will soon come to Christ. I truly thank God for the Christian men who operate Camp Taylor, organize these studies and provide the food.  It’s a blessing to see their vision to reach other men for Christ.

On Sunday morning our families were blessed to be able to attend the services at East Auburn Baptist Church.  Pastor Roger Cousineau has been leading this ministry for over 20 years and has seen tremendous growth and vibrancy in the ministry as they seek to impact their area for Christ.  It was their orphan ministry day where they encouraged people to do evangelism and missionary work through supporting orphanages, adopting orphans or bringing young people into their home through foster care.  It was great to see many young people who have come from other parts of the world now being ministered to by families at East Auburn.  This church has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in trying to reach out and care for the fatherless children of the world, giving them not only the necessities of life but the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I heard good news of the Word of Life Super Bowl held in Portland on Friday, November 5 and of many decisions made for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Eric and Lorie Brown and family are doing an excellent job as Word of Life missionaries in Maine, impacting local churches and youth for the Gospel.  I was Eric’s and Lorie’s pastor for a number of years and it is good to see how God has led them into this important area of service for Christ and giving them the strength and courage to fulfill this ministry.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe

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