President’s Challenge – Anno Domini

Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President
Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

The year of our Lord 2011. We are now entering a new year given by our Lord Jesus Christ and a new year for our Lord Jesus Christ.

The designation of the years of human history as B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini – in the year of our Lord) did not begin until A.D. 525. Some have wrongly assumed that A.D. refers to “after His death.” This would result in the 33 years of His life being undated and falling between 1 B.C. and A.D.1. It has also been tradition to place the B.C. after the number of the year and to place A.D. before the number of the year.

Many who do not embrace Christianity have argued against these historical designations and have promoted the idea of B.C.E. (before the common era) or C.E. (the common era). China, in 1912, adopted the Georgian or western calendar and designated each year as W.E. (western era). In 1949 the communist take over of China resulted in the designation of C.E. (common era).

I guess we should not be surprised if the world, one day, refuses to recognize the seven day week since it originated in Genesis 1. No matter how hard historical revisionists try, there is no denying the impact of God Almighty, the Holy Scriptures, the nation of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ and the true Christian church on the history of mankind. History is actually “His Story,” the account of a holy, loving God, seeking to redeem man- kind and reconcile each one to his/her Creator.

This year we need to focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. In His mercy and grace, He has given us another period of time, made up of 365 days, in which to bring glory, honour and praise to His glorious name. Let us not lose our focus to things, people, events, trials and worldly distractions. Let us daily keep our focus on Christ, His Word, His will and His work. Remember it is the year of our Lord 2011.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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