2011 Texas Mission Trip

Texas Mission Team: Matt Larabie, Al Cabral, Etienne Lessard, Douglass Pennington, Josianne Leduc, Katie Fillmore, Isaac Swan, Rebecca Bourque, Charity Klein, Bronson Ellis, Samuel Rusthon, Leanna Sparkes, Sarah Button, Devin Groff, Rachel Goode, Rebecca Bartlett, Tom MacIntosh, Samantha McGraw, Kendra Kay, David Archambault, Kurtis Kent, (missing from photo-James Goode).

It is with great excitement that we are returning to South Texas with a team of students this year. After four consecutive years of taking teams to Texas, we had taken a few years off due to conflicting schedules with the Texas school calendar and ours. However, all that has changed and we are so happy to be able to return.

Out of a smaller “on-campus” student body, we had over forty interested in being part of this team. After having had a few meetings the crowd thinned itself down and we eventually picked a team consisting of nineteen members. The Texas missions trip has been a favourite of many students in the past; not because Texas is the most beautiful place on earth, although it is beautiful and it’s nice to get away during the cold month of March; not because it’s an easy, relaxing and sun-bathing time of hanging out; but because it has been one of the hardest things these students have done. God shows Himself so Mighty and Awesome to the team that no matter how challenging the trip may be at times, it is the best thing many of them have ever done. We have seen many teens and children trust Jesus as Lord and Saviour and we want to be used of God to reach many again this year with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray for us as we head down to Texas on March 10-19, 2011 to be a part of a wonderful camp program in the hill country of Leakey, Texas.

Later y’all!

Post by: Matt Larabie, NBBI Dean of Men, Music Director

This is a video from our last trip to Texas back in 2007.

This article appears in the February 2011 NBBI Open Bible Bulletin

  1. Joy Chambers

    Woohoo!!! Excited for ya’ll to come down and minister with us!

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