March Mission Trip to Halifax

Tiszandra Eatman is a fourth year student at NBBI.

On March 12, 2011, ten other NBBI students and I will be travelling to Halifax, Nova Scotia to come alongside a local church plant to reach out and show Christ’s love to the North side. This will include ministering to homeless and street- level communities. In preparation for the trip, the team gathers for half an hour before classes twice a week to focus energy on praying for those in Halifax, those already ministering in Halifax, and team needs. The team also meets together in unity opening God’s Word and preparing spiritually for the trip. I am so thankful for this ministry, as this is my fourth year being a part of the team.

In the past some of the projects the team has been able to do to reach out to the community included providing a free breakfast on Saturday morning for the homeless, handing out free hats and gloves, a free pizza run, cleaning and painting in a men’s shelter, organizing and cleaning a free clothing bin, cleaning a parent center and cleaning a home for a church member. We travelled through Halifax on a prayer tour learning of the city, and specific ways we can continue to keep them in prayer.

This year’s teams members are Tiz Eatmon, Katie Bartlett, Ale Corts, Lanna Sigfusson, Nolan Sigfusson, Shawn Andres, Dustin Davidson, DJ Ault, Ryan Farrell, Philippe Paul and Mike Lush.

Your prayer support is needed and thoroughly appreciated.

Post by: Tiz Eatman, Fourth Year Student

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