Yoshito (’06) and Emi (Yokota, ’05) Toida write from Japan “After graduation from NBBI in April, 2006, I (Yoshito) went to Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary and I am now pastor of a church in Kyoto, Japan. I married Emi Yokota in 2008 and in 2010 God gave us a baby boy whom we named Soshi, which means “serving God.” We love NBBI and talk about our time there and pray for you.”

The class reunion plans for Spring Conference are moving ahead. Whether your class is involved or not, plan to join us April 28-May 1.

Post by: Robert Booker, Vice President, Alumni Committee Chair

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  1. Russell Fisher

    Hello Bob,
    I was excited to read of Yosito and Emi Toida’s ministry in Kyoto, Japan. We have some dear friends in their area who are believers, and could use the fellowship and teaching. Could you send me the Toida’s email address, so that I can contact them and connect the two, in the will of God?
    Many thanks for your ministry.
    In prayer for you and the school,

  2. John Stanley

    Could you tell us what the plans are for the class of ’91 reunion?

  3. Jack Caron

    Hi John… I sent this question along to Bob Booker who knows more about the alumni plans. Its good to hear from you! Hopefully we’ll see you folks sometime this year. Jack

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