President’s Challenge – Counting Blessings

Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President
Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

I had a wonderful opportunity to spend two weeks at the new Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island in South Korea. I was able to teach the book of Jonah at their missions conference and teach the book of Ezra to the student body. Most of the 33 students were Korean or Japanese, as well as some from the USA and Canada. Steve Nichols is the Word of Life director for Asia. He and his team have been ministering in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries for 20 years. They now have arrived at the goal of establishing a one year Bible institute. I am hoping that some of their grads will consider coming to NBBI.

Our eighth annual Men for God Rally provided many wonderful reports of blessing. Pastor Bob Snell had challenging messages regarding men and integrity. The men’s music group, “One Blood” provided inspiring music. Those who gave testimony were used of God to connect with men in a spiritual way. The Men for God scholarship offering amounted to $4,589.37. This will assist a number of young men to continue their studies at NBBI.

The Christmas, “Faithful Gift” offering totalled $29,828 and enabled us to end the 2010 year in the black. Praise God for people who are dedicated to this kind of Bible training ministry.

Our two winter teen retreats have been packed out. What a blessing to see many youth leaders and pastors coming with their teens. Many of the youth workers are NBBI grads. Pastor Wayne Heikkinen used God’s Word to motivate young men and women to live for Jesus Christ. Teens were saved and strengthened for Christ.

Two student missions teams went to Texas and Halifax on March break. The Texas team worked with Hispanic teens at a youth group and the Halifax team worked with “Pax-North” (grads, Brad and Shelby Somers) reaching street people for Christ.

Many of our staff have been struggling with health issues this winter. Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf.

I would like to thank those who wrote, called or emailed to assure me of their prayers. I have been dealing with back, neck, shoulder and arm problems since the beginning of January. There has been much improvement and I am hoping for a full recovery.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

This article appears in the April 2011 Open Bible Bulletin.

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