President’s Challenge – Our Mother, Eve

Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President
Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

We all have the same mother although we have never met her. She apparently lived for many years on the earth but has been gone a long, long time. She never had a mother but she became the mother of all. Her husband named her Eve (Genesis 3:20) meaning, “the mother of all living.”

How amazing God was in creation. Out of the Lord God came the earth, out of the earth came man, out of the man came woman and out of a woman came the Child, the Christ Child. As a child, God came to remake children, women, men and the planet earth.

Here is a twofold lesson we learn from Eve:

1. She Lived a Life of Sorrow (Genesis 3:16). She lived a life of sorrow after being deceived and defeated by Satan. She disobeyed God, losing the tree of life and experiencing the bitterness of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She enticed her husband into sin, bringing separation from God and a curse on her billions of sons and daughters. She experienced the sorrow of being expelled from her garden home and thrust into a life of hardship and toil on earth. Later one of her sons murdered another son and became a godless fugitive who allured many of his brethren into revolt against God. She experienced the sorrow of having a sinful nature and an aging body of sickness and death that generations to follow would also suffer. Then she watched as the serpent gained control of the world and a corrupt, violent, occultic, perverted and wicked civiliza- tion was established. Eve’s sorrow was far more than personal pain in child birth and subjection to a man. Her sorrow was more than any woman has ever experienced.

2. She Lived a Life of Hope – How did Eve cope? How did Eve endure? What kept her going?

a. God’s Salvation (Genesis 3:21). She came back to God in repentance. God sacrificed an innocent animal (likely a lamb) in order to clothe her in a new covering that made her presentable to God. Blood was shed and grace was provided to bring her back into a special union with God and a relationship and fellowship that enabled her to face life with hope in spite of her sin.

b. God’s Word of Promise (Genesis 3:15). God promised that He would use her to bring forth a coming Saviour, a Deliverer, a Conqueror of Satan and a Controller of the earth. Satan had used her to bring forth sin to man, yet now she would bring forth a Saviour to man. Christ Jesus would come from Eve and her lineage of mothers resulting in Mary delivering the Son of God.
Eve was able to endure her sorrow by daily fellowshipping with her God, leaning in hope on His word that Messiah would one day arrive to save and deliver her children and the earth from the evil one.

Mothers today who face many heartaches and disappointments can live in hope, as Eve did, by relying upon God and the promises of His Holy Word.

Post by: R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

This article appears in the May 2011 Open Bible Bulletin.

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