Update from the NBBI Board Chairman

Dear Friends & Supporters of NBBI,

On May 17, 2011, Dr. Barry Beebe concluded his faithful service as president of New Brunswick Bible Institute. The Board of Directors of NBBI wishes to express our appreciation to Barry and Linda for their years of faithful service and for allowing God to use them to touch the lives of hundreds of students in their time with us. Barry has served and led the school with integrity and passion for the cause of Christ and with the vision that NBBI be a place of unequalled training for young men and women seeking the call of God on their lives.

Dr. Robert Booker, our current Vice President, has assumed the day-to-day responsibilities of the President until a new President is appointed. Bob is supported by a strong administrative team and a committed and veteran faculty who are dedicated to the work that God has called them to at NBBI. We have been encouraged in these past weeks with a sense of unity and resolve among the staff to see that the mission of the school is fulfilled for the glory of God. We are grateful for our past, encouraged in the present, and committed to a future of continuing to train servants of God who are adequately equipped for ministry in a day of great challenge.

The Board of Directors has already begun the process of seeking the man that God would have for us as the next President of NBBI. In that process, we are assessing the needs of the school and have been formulating a presidential profile and updated job description that are relevant to the demands of leadership at this institution. Since 1944, God has blessed us with godly leadership which has guided the school through challenging times and we anticipate that God will once again meet this need as we wait on Him. Please pray with us as we work through this process. We do not want to be hasty, but we do want to be diligent in this task that lies before us.

You will be encouraged to know that Vacation with a Vision has been a huge success this year. With your generosity and the volunteer labour of many, much needed improvements are being made in the ladies’ dorm and in other areas around the campus. Our students will be thrilled with the improvements that have been made!

We would ask you to pray with us as we look to the future and for a President who will lead us with vision and passion for academic excellence in equipping new generations for service to Christ. Pray for our administration and faculty as they prepare for the 68th year of training workers for Christ, and I would once again ask that you pray for wisdom for the Board of Directors as we seek the mind of God.

We are grateful to you, our friends, alumni and supporters who make this work possible with your sacrificial gifts and prayers. We are humbled.

Gratefully In Christ,

Pastor Mitch Ross

Chairman of the Board
New Brunswick Bible Institute

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