“Absent from the body, present with the Lord”

Glenn and Flora Duff

Glenn Duff (MAY 23, 1925 – AUGUST 9, 2011)

For over 30 years Glenn Duff served as the Chairman of the New Brunswick Bible Institute Board of Directors. His leadership is remembered fondly by the board, staff, alumni and friends of NBBI. Glenn was no stranger to hard work. He was a busy dairy and potato farmer, and yet, he always made himself available to those who served under him. He was a leader who listened, and was impartial and unbiased in his judgments. He lifted many a barrel physically and many a burden spiritually. As a man of faith, Glenn began every NBBI board meeting by asking us to get on our knees in prayer. At times, midway through a meeting, he would have the board seek the wisdom of God through prayer.

Glenn was a christian role model in his love for his wife Flora, and an example of integrity to his children and grandchildren. He loved good music and must have smiled from heaven as a quartet of his grandsons gave a wonderful, Christ exalting, rendition and a choir of his grandchildren sang beautifully and harmoniously, “Great is thy Faithfulness.” His brother George spoke eloquently at the memorial service and addressed the truth that, in God’s sight, serving faithfully in the fields is equally as important as serving as a full-time Christian worker. Truly Glenn was “a man of the soil” and “a man of the spirit.”

Pastor Paul Juris, in a heartfelt message, commended Glenn and Flora for their faithful attendance at Church meetings, especially the prayer meeting. He also ex- pressed gratitude for their home being a centre of hospitality; but he made it clear, Heaven was Glenn’s final home because he had placed his trust in the work of the crucified, and risen Christ.

Glenn was loved by all our staff, for his personal interest in each of us and for his unswerving commitment to the “training of young people” to serve Christ. He had a special place in his heart for NBBI’s Campus View Farm, as farm managers, Clarence Knowles and Rob Burns would testify.He believed that the farm played an important part in the training of young people in teaching “the discipline of daily duty.” Glenn never lost sight of the importance of the individual staff members as he directed the pursuit of the organization’s goals.

I found Glenn Duff to be a man who did not faint but fought on, in faith. A small gift which was given to a staff member by Glenn has inscribed upon it the words that I believe express Glenn Duff’s honest lifestyle, “ One day at a time, only one person to please – the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Our heartfelt prayers and love go out to his wife, Flora and all his beloved family. Along with them, we will miss his presence here on earth but rejoice that He is in the presence of the Lord Jesus with whom he walked his life- long journey and whose fellowship he now enjoys “face to face.”

Post by: John Hoag, Chancellor

This post appears in the September 2011 Open Bible Bulletin. (click link to download the pdf version)

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