A Divine Encounter in a Desert Experience

What are the dreams that you have for your life? What are the plans that you have already you to where you want to be? Where are the decisions that you have planned for your life going to take you? Who are you listening to for advice? Where does God fit into all of this, if at all?

In Exodus 2, we are introduced to a man that had the miraculous written all over him. In his childhood, he most certainly would have died had God not intervened and spared his life. He was destined to be poor had God not, through the sparing of his life, seen fit to put him into the king’s palace. His life from conception to manhood had the fingerprints of God all over it.

This man’s name was Moses. Moses was born a poor Israelite, a slave in Egypt. But soon he found himself in the palace of Pharaoh. He had it all. He had, in the palm of his hand, what most people spend a lifetime only dreaming of; fame, power, fortune and respect. Scholars believe that, by the time of the events of Exodus 2, Moses was an experienced military man having probably led victorious campaigns against other enemy nations. He lived in the most important home of the most powerful nation on the planet at that time. He was the prince of Egypt, the wealthiest, most cultured and most advanced society in the known world of that time. He was highly educated; he was trained at what was known as the Temple of the Sun, the most outstanding university of the day. He was exposed to all the wisdom of Egypt. In fact, in Acts 7:32, we find out that Moses was a man mighty in “words and in deeds.” We might say he was as prepared as man could possibly make him. Yet, in Exodus 2:15, we find him on the backside of the desert having just killed an Egyptian.

As Moses sits down by this well, he can’t understand where it all went wrong. You see, all of the training that Moses received in Egypt did not prepare him for the divinely anointed task of delivering
God’s people.

Before he killed the Egyptian, Exodus 2:12 says, “…he looked this way and that way…” That is, he looked around but he never looked up. Had he looked up, he would have found the answers that he so desperately needed.

He spent forty years having men train him to be the most intellectual, successful, powerful, influential and effective person, but none of it helped him become what God wanted him to be. Now he is on the backside of the desert and God has enrolled him in the Divine Institute of Learning. It was a bachelor’s program. But not lasting 4 years; it took 40. Someone once said, “Moses spent 40 years thinking he was a somebody; he spent another 40 years learning he was a nobody; he spent his final 40 years learning what God can do with a nobody.”

I am thankful for the students that God has brought our way this year. Students, who like Moses, need God to do a preparatory work in their lives that the world (Egypt) can never accomplish.

Post by: Matthew Little, NBBI Faculty, Dean of Men

This article appears in the October 2011 Open Bible Bulletin.

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