Field Report – In Ecuador with McKeens

Dan and Diana McKeen

I read this in Dan (ABM ’00) and Diana McKeen’s newsletter recently and thought it was worth sharing. Praise the Lord for this grad’s ministry in Equador with CrossWorld and pray for continued fruitfulness. – Larry Rushton

“I have lived in Borja for 55 years,” stated Elsa. She continued, “This is the first time someone has come into my house to explain the Bible.” Elsa’s husband, Luis, needs three valves replaced in his heart but due to complications doctors have sent him home for the remainder of his days. Those attending the weekly Adult Bible study in Borja requested Dan visit Luis and Elsa  knowing Luis’ situation was grave. It was a fruitful visit as both Luis and Elsa received Christ after a clear presentation of the Gospel. They wept, realizing their sinfulness and eagerly accepted God’s forgiveness and then expressed it was too bad their parents did not have anyone to teach them. Borja is a town full of people who need to be taught the truth of God’s Word. Please be praying God will continue to draw people to Himself through opportunities we have to share God’s Word.

  1. Diana McKeen

    Luis has gone to be with the Lord since this was posted. Praise God he died a saved man!

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