Vice-President’s Challenge

Robert Booker, NBBI Vice President

Sixty-seven years and counting! We have begun our 68th year of existence here at NBBI and it has been a good beginning. Pastor Garnett Chute from Hermon, ME challenged us at Staff Retreat regarding our relationship with one another, with our students, and with our God. We came back to campus after Staff Retreat and spent two days (some, more) working together preparing the buildings for our students.

At Weekend of Welcome, Pastor Dave Storey from Miramichi, NB encouraged us all, staff and students, regarding our personal quiet time and then our “going with the Gospel.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first days of classes and many students have spoken about their appreciation for teachers and classes.

My challenge for this month is to ask you to pray for NBBI. Please pray for our board, staff and students that we might be sensitive to God’s moving and leading, that we might seek to glorify Him in our lives and that we might reach out to our needy world.

Our theme this year is prayer, our motto is, Going Forward On Our Knees, and our key verse is James 5:16, “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

The theme, prayer, is important for us to consider because of a two-fold aspect – private, quiet, intimate prayer individually before God, and, time spent in the corporate prayer of praise, worship and petition.

The motto, Going Forward On Our Knees, is the promise and desire of all of us for the year. We want to continually and steadily move forward and grow in grace, while making necessary changes that keep us in God’s will. Of course, the only way to do both is through prayer.

The key verse adequately expresses our pledge. We want to be righteously energetic as we petition our God to accomplish much in our lives and on our campus.

Please covenant with us to “pray without ceasing.”

Post by: Dr. Robert Booker, NBBI Vice-President

This article appears in the October 2011 Open Bible Bulletin.

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