New Look for the Open Bible Bulletin

The Open Bible Bulletin has a new updated look!

Thank you for your patience over the last couple of months. We have been working toward a full-colour bulletin and it has taken longer to get things set up than we anticipated. We trust that those who were having difficulty reading the small print on grey background will be able to see the new, larger print better, especially since it is not black on grey. With this new, full-colour bulletin, we hope to attract more attention so a larger number of our readers will feel like picking up a copy and reading the excellent articles inside.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on what is happening on our campus, and in the lives of our students and staff. Good, Bible-related articles will be included each month. And, with the help of our alumni, we hope to include more news and updates from our past graduates. If you are an alumnus and would like to send us an update on what you are doing or share an exciting event that has taken place in your ministry, drop us a line. You can contact us by email or by post by mailing information to:

Open Bible Bulletin
2335 Route 103
Victoria Corner NB  E7P 1C7

Send photos of you and your ministry as well! Our space is limited so  be brief. Don’t worry too much about grammar and sentence structure. We will edit it for you. Also, keep in mind, we do work a couple of months ahead of time.

We appreciate you, our readers. We want this bulletin to be read by as many people as possible because we believe you are part of our lifeline. You are the ones who pray for us, give to us and encourage us in so many ways. Thank you!

Below you will find the latest copy in pdf format. You can view it below in the reading pane here on this page or click the arrow (expand) button in the upper right corner of the reading pane to call it up in a full screen display.

The file is 5.5 MB so be patient as it downloads.

Post by: Larry Rushton
Open Bible Bulletin Editor

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