Field Trip to Sucre, Bolivia

Being back in Canada during the past 10 months has been a blessing for our family. I was able to complete the NBBI ABM (Bachelor of Theology) program. This kept me very occupied and disciplined during our home assignment. Lily enjoyed reaching out to ladies through various ministry opportunities and reconnecting with friends. It was a year full of action for our boys, who were in school this year (as opposed to being home-schooled on the field), played organized sports and made many friends. A huge benefit was being able to stay with my parents, Alex and Judy Muir.

Well, our home assignment has come to an end. After many opportunities to share in churches about the ministry in Bolivia, it is time to head back to the field and get back at the things we have been talking so much about. We know the Lord has great things planned. We have been able to follow the activities of our co-workers, even while being in Canada. There is more excitement and emotion in every email and Skype call as the date draws closer to our arrival in Bolivia. The Lord shows us that there is still so much to do. Recently, we heard of new areas opening up for us to go into with the Gospel. In Bolivia, we call these areas, “lugares blancos” or “white areas” as they are white unto harvest. For many years, people have walked in darkness and in ignorance to the truth of the God who created everything they see and worship but now the time draws close for them to have an opportunity to hear of the Creator of the universe and of His plan of salvation for them.

We do not plan to change any ministries upon returning to Bolivia. Our focus will remain on planting churches in areas of great need or at least giving them opportunity to hear the Gospel. We will also continue in leadership development among the already existing churches. We believe that healthy churches produce other healthy churches. The strategies that we will use to accomplish these ministries will be weekly Bible studies with small groups, spiritual retreats, preaching in churches, evangelism and radio distribution in remote villages and ministry to children in churches and village schools.

It has been amazing to hear testimonies of the fruit of these ministries. We hear of ladies being encouraged in their walk with the Lord, of people seeking involvement in full-time ministry and of churches reproducing themselves in the villages down the road from them. There is the constant inquiry of when the next children’s camp, ladies’ retreat or radio distribution will take place. We are constantly receiving invitations to villages to preach the Gospel and the doors of the public school are wide open to speak to the children and share the Good News of salvation.

Our prayer is that God will thrust more workers into His Harvest. He is calling people in Canada and in Bolivia to get involved. You can be a part of this ministry by praying, giving and going. You might consider a short-term trip to Bolivia to distribute solar-powered radios in remote Quechua villages or to teach Missionary Kids. Our prayer also would be for people to commit themselves to full-time, cross-cultural missions and join us as we partner with Bolivian, Quechua Christians to see the Church grow in the Andes Mountains. Please, do not hesitate to contact us at:
Skype: heringo

Greg Muir, ABM grad of 2012

This post appears in the July/August 2012 Open Bible Bulletin. (Click for pdf version)

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