Retreat, We Dare Not Advance, We Must!

NBBI President, Matthew Little

The title of this article were words spoken by Mr. Ken Robins in 1948, four years after NBBI was founded. As I was thinking about the prospects of this coming school year I was reading a timely challenge by Mr. Robins written in what was then known as “The Challenger”. Let me share some of that challenge with you which is as relevant today as it was 64 years earlier when it was first written.

Older people have said to me, ‘How we wish we had the opportunities of Bible School training that young people have today.’

We are living in days of great privileges along these lines – but we are also living in days when too many are indifferent to their privileges. One is amazed to see the appalling ignorance of biblical truths among young people today – even Christian young people. Many are pathetically ignorant of even rudimentary truths of the Word of God.

But let’s get down to some of the facts. Just why are these young people here with us? What is the purpose of their Bible School training, anyway? Is it just that they may gain an advanced knowledge of the Bible?
Certainly not! The Bible is the emphasis of our course, and we feel that, upon successful completion of the course, they will be grounded in its truths. But is it just a sound orthodoxy we are seeking to establish? Too many today are sound – sound asleep! The devil has cocained and chloroformed the minds of many who themselves are orthodox, and yet they have sunk into almost a coma.

The point is this: We are seeking to give Bible training in such a way that these Christian young people who come to us, will be brought face to face with the living, loving Christ, and will be constrained to say, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us?” Heartburn for Christ! That’s it! Our desire is to so fill their vision with Calvary that they will be compelled to say, “The love of Christ constraineth us.”; to so emphasize the great commission to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel” that their reply from a willing heart will be, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?”

We stand at a crucial point in the history of our Institute. We realize we MUST have a host of friends standing behind us by prayer and gifts. Can we count on you? Retreat, We Dare Not – Advance, We Must!

Sixty-four years later this challenge still encapsulates the heartbeat of our school. Decades have come and gone and today we say “Amen” to these words and Advance, We will!

Post by: Matthew Little, NBBI President

This article appears in the October 2012 Open Bible Bulletin.

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