2012 Softball Season

Well, another softball season has come and gone again here at New Brunswick Bible Institute. Its purpose as always is to help the students and staff to get to know each other, and of course, to have a lot of fun. This year was no exception. The season was competitive and the teams all finished fairly close to each other. We even had a three-way tie for the last two playoff spots. But even in the competitiveness, everyone showed great sportsmanship and had a great attitude.

This years championship game came down to Mr.Long’s Lions and Mr.Little’s Legends, and after a very closely contested game, the Legends were able to come out on top with a 13-10 victory. The Legends consisted of Mr. Matthew Little, Caleb Kelly, Martha Grant, Olive Fogarty, Caleb Wentzell, Adam Clark, Tiffany Edwards, Tabitha Fehr, Raymond McIntosh, Thomas Williamson, and Tim Williamson. Thank you again to all the staff and students who played this year and Congratulations to our 2012 NBBI Softball champions, Little’s Legends. It was a phenomenal year!!

Post by: Dustin Davidson, ABM Student

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