Is Your Christian Life at a Stand Still Today?

NBBI President, Matthew Little
NBBI President, Matthew Little

A preacher once used this statement to challenge the thinking of his audience. It is not my desire to call this man an offender because of what he said but I believe this statement is inaccurate. Many Christians have deceived themselves by thinking that when they arrive at a comfortable, desirable place in their Christian life they can simply choose to stay there. There is no need to move onward, nor is there danger in moving backward.

Jesus said something very different. In John 20, we have a post resurrection appearance of Jesus to Thomas in which He made this startling statement, “…and be not faithless, but believing.” (20:27b). The words “be not” literally mean “become not.” Faith and unbelief are always on the move. They will never lie dormant in your life. Jesus was challenging Thomas to view his relationship with the Lord as something that is most certainly moving in one direction or the other. Thomas was either going to allow his doubt and unbelief to be on the move while his faith shrunk, or his faith to be on the move while his doubts shrunk.

What about you? Do you believe you are at a good place in your Christian life and you are content to remain there? Is it possible to be at a standstill? I am afraid not. Either you are growing in your Christian life or your faith is shrinking. One is most certainly true in your life today. Your life is either a construction site or a demolition site. Your life is on the move today; in which direction might it be going?

Post by: Matthew Little, NBBI President

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