President’s Challenge – Coming Back to the Heart of Service

NBBI President, Matthew Little
NBBI President, Matthew Little

After 15 years of ministry, I am painstakingly aware that nothing will destroy your Christian testimony faster and diminish your spiritual effectiveness quicker than heartless service. It is so easy to allow your ministry for Christ to settle into a duty devoid of any dynamic or power.

In Acts 7:39, Stephen said of the nation of Israel, “…their hearts turned back again to Egypt.” The trouble with the nation of Israel was that they had left Egypt, but they had never really left Egypt. Physically they were in the wilderness but their hearts had drifted back to the comforts of that previous land. There is much in this life that can rob you of heart-motivated service. Don’t let that happen! Don’t lose heart; take heart! Satan doesn’t fear heartless prayer, heartless preaching or heartless service – He fears nothing of your empty activities.

As I write this article, you may be one who has lost heart. Your ministry may have spiralled to the point where you are going through the motions but your heart left long ago. Maybe people have disappointed you, or unexpected trials have doused your flame of passion and excitement. Maybe you feel alone and do not sense that others are bearing up the weight of burden with you. Whatever the circumstances may be, don’t allow your service for Christ to become heartless.

It was said of David in I Kings 14:8b, “…who followed me with all his heart, to do that only which was right in mine eyes.” David was successful for God because, no matter what he did, he put his whole heart into it and his efforts were motivated by God’s watchful eye and not man’s.

Lehman Strauss once said to Warren Wiersbe, “Do you know what the formula is for blessing in ministry? It is simply preach, pray and plug away!” And I would add, “and do it with all your heart!.”

Post by: Matthew Little, NBBI President

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