Wayumi Training


Wayumi Missions Training – March 9-17, 2013

During the week of March 9-17 a small group of us from NBBI are planning to travel to Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania to attend the Wayumi College Course offered through New Tribes Mission. Wayumi is a unique opportunity where we will be focusing on the task of reaching the unreached peoples of the world. During this course we will experience different aspects of cross-cultural ministry both through classroom teaching and in a tribal simulation. Participants will be exposed to areas of ministry which include linguistics, Bible translation work, cultural adaptation for missionaries, team-building exercises and how to best communicate the gospel to different ethic groups.

This course is recognized by many other Bible institutes and colleges and is promoted as a requirement for missions training.

For further information on Wayumi, please visit: http://ntm.org/wayumi

Post by: Jack Caron, NBBI Missions Director, Faculty

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