Samson: The Man Who Saw God in His Blindness

Matthew Little, NBBI President
Matthew Little, NBBI President

One of the most remarkable stories in all of the Bible is the story of Samson. He was the strong man; judge of Israel and arch nemesis of the Philistines. His birth was miraculous and his rise to fame was nothing short of legendary.

Samson’s commitment to God, through his Nazarite vow, was the key to his strength (Judges 16:17). The enemy constantly sought an opportunity to find out what would make Samson weak, but they failed to realize that Samson would become weak long before the locks of his hair were cut off. Samson’s undoing would prove to come through the portal of his eyes. In Judges 14:1-3; 16:1, we find the following statements, “saw a woman”, “I have seen a woman”, “for she pleaseth me well” (literally, is right in my eyes), “saw there an harlot”. The man who was renowned for his strength would be brought to his knees because he couldn’t harness his own fleshly desires.
When the enemy finally subdued him, after cutting his hair (Judges 16:9), the first thing they did was put out his eyes (Judges 16:21). Little did they know that they had done Samson a favour. By taking out his eyes, they eliminated the lifelong hindrance that Samson had. Now, in his blindness, he was able to see God like never before. His sight had proven to be his downfall and now his blindness would lead to his greatest moment of victory.

As Samson’s hair began to grow back, this blind man was brought into the house of the Philistines and placed between two pillars. As the crowd no doubt taunted him, he was able to push down the pillars of that house so that “the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.” (Judges 16:30)

When Samson’s eyes were removed, he did more in his blindness than he ever did with his sight and, may I add, he saw more of God in his blindness then he ever did with his sight.

The prayer of every believer aught to be, “Lord, remove from me that which hinders my view of You, and that which keeps me from accomplishing all that You desire me to do.”

Post by: Matthew Little, NBBI President

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