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Vacation with a Vision 2013/Summer Maintenance with David Meed

In February, NBBI’s maintenance director, Paul Long, was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré Syndrome. He is recovering, but it has been a long and slow process. Paul Long leaves awfully big shoes to fill!

Kurtis Kent and I were asked to cover in the maintenance department while Paul was out. As we started the summer, we found out just how much he does. With almost 30 acres of lawn, we found out that by the time you’ve mowed and trimmed the campus it’s time to start at the beginning again. Add to that stripping and waxing the dining hall and ordering supplies for Vacation with a Vision and you’ve spent the month of May and most of June before you realize it.

Our summer vision was to “spruce up” the main buildings with a new coat of paint. Sounds simple, until you actually start. Just one coat of paint on the ceiling of the dining hall (3,500 sq ft) occupies four people for a full day. Cleaning the grease off, priming, and painting (two coats) on the ceiling, and putting a coat of primer on the walls was enough to keep four people busy for the entire first week. Then, there was enough patching and crack filling to keep the fifth man busy. Our thanks to Art, Cathy, Dale, Blaine and Raymond for their assistance. Some have been coming and helping for over 20 years!

For the second week of Vacation with a Vision we had three couples, ten teens and eight children. Keith McMahon, along with some campus kids, headed up “Camp NBBI” with the children. The teens helped out washing light frames, cleaning and sorting in the maintenance building, raking and landscaping in our trailer court, trimming and mowing some of the lawns, and scraping and painting steps and basement doors. The adults finished painting the walls in the dining hall and painted the ceiling and walls in the lounge, another 2,500 square feet. During this same week, CEF was on campus with a group of 37 for CYIA training. Kurtis needed lots of help in the kitchen with an average meal attendance of around 80 and some of the ladies assisted along with other NBBI staff doing dishes, etc. Again, we want to express our thanks to James, Amy, Brent, Dierdre, Philip, Debbie, Jessica, Nathaniel, John, Amos, Hannah, Abi, Mariah, Robin, James and Naomi for all their help.


As I write this in July, we still have several projects on the “to do” list. The library roof needs new shingles, the ladies’ dorm rooms need painting and we have apartments to prepare for part-time staff. Along the way things like a lightning strike on campus kept us conscious that everything was in our Lord’s hands. Although we lost thousands of dollars in electronic equipment, no one was seriously injured. The Lord directs our path and we look to Him daily for the strength and provision to do what needs to be done and we look forward to welcoming a new group of students for the 2013-14 school year.

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