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Dr. Robert Booker, NBBI Vice President
Dr. Robert Booker, NBBI Vice President

What to write for this “Focus” article? Why not write on “focus?” We think of focus when we consider a distant object or the ability to concentrate on one thing until it is accomplished. My dictionary’s definition states: “the center of interest or activity.” Let’s consider three areas that should be “out of focus” and three areas that are profitable on which to focus.

First, according to the Word of God, the world should be out of focus. In 1 John 2:15, it says, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” The apostle Paul tells us in Galatians that Jesus came to deliver us from the world. The “world” here refers to the “world system” or those things that control or characterize our society. When we consider what our world offers for living and enjoyment, we find it comes up far short of eternal and spiritual value.

Second, John says, “Love not… the things that are in the world.” We can be so enamoured by the material things the world offers that we are out of focus with Christ. We are privileged today to be able to buy almost anything. When we charge something, it doesn’t cost any cash and we have months to pay! The Bible states that envy has always been against His law (Exodus 20:17). The things we have sometimes control us.

The third “out of focus” mindset is pride. This is the condition that plagues most of us. It was Satan’s primary downfall and he is delighted when it causes us to fall. Adam and Eve lost their focus when they discovered (the lie) that to disobey God would open their eyes and make them wise “gods”. That disobedience caused us all to be sinners. Pride destroys my thinking and blinds me to the love and humility Christ showed me. It causes us to turn our backs on Him and on people around us who need love and attention. It causes us to focus on ourselves.

On a more positive note, those who have not responded to the love of God need to focus on Christ’s salvation. The payment for sin is eternal separation from God and heaven, but Christ died to pay that penalty and eternal life is freely given to all who will accept His substitutionary payment on our behalf.

Second, those who are Christians, need to focus on living; living true to the kind of life the Bible commands. We belong to Christ and we must answer to Him (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). As part of His family, we have relinquished all of our “rights” to do as we please.

Finally, we must focus on service. The apostle Paul called himself a “servant” or one who ministers to others for God with no thought of selfish motives. I want to be like that!

“Out of focus?” No need to be. The Bible gives clear vision for life and eternity.

Post by: Dr. Robert Booker, NBBI Faculty (retired)

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