Family News

WEDDINGS Emma McLaughlin (Assoc. ’08) to Ben Emery (attended 07-08) on August 22, 2009. Alex Cotnoir (Assoc. ’05) to Rachel Gadbois on September 5, 2009. James Carr (ABM ’08) to Natasha Beaton on October 3, 2009. BIRTHS March 30, 2009 … Read More

Learning to Wait

19th-century preacher, Phillips Brooks, was known to be a quiet and even tempered man. However, even he suffered times of aggravation and irritability. One day a friend saw him anxiously pacing the floor like a caged animal. “What’s the trouble, Mr. Brooks?” he asked. “The trouble is that I am in a hurry, but God is not!” All of us can probably relate to this statement.

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