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Worship Ministry Leader Job Description

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Position Summary

Douglas Avenue Christian Church (www.daccsj.ca) is seeking a dynamic and humble individual for the newly created position of Worship Ministry Leader.  The Worship Ministry Leader will shepherd and develop artists who serve at the weekly worship services through creating an inviting, worshipful atmosphere, a space in which people can meet with God, and by leading the congregation and the members of the worship ministry in growing their own relationships with the Lord through worship.


Initially, many of the responsibilities may be small and all handled by one person, but for the ministry to grow, the responsibilities must be spread out among others. The Worship Ministry Leader must always be looking to empower others with significant responsibilities. Leaders who are primarily “doers” always limit growth.


It is the vision of DACC to create a network of independent yet collaborative satellite churches in the greater Saint John area over the coming years.  In addition to providing leadership for the worship ministry at the Douglas Avenue congregation, the Worship Ministry Leader will contribute to this vision by developing a team of other worship leaders who can support these new independent satellite churches.  Thus, mentoring a team of other worship leaders who rotate in turn to provide leadership (beyond “just filling in when the main Worship Ministry Leader is out”) is a critical element of the position.



·         Lead and train others to lead the musical worship for corporate worship services.

o    Build positive social dynamics and quality music.

o    Lead a time-efficient, well-organized, and fun weekly Worship team rehearsal to work on music for the upcoming service, new music, arrangements and parts, and goals, with input from the group members.

o    Help less experienced participants become knowledgeable of their roles.

o    Strengthen the individuals on the team by helping them grow in their spiritual formation.

o    Be prepared to lead congregational singing with the worship team (or alone).

o    Utilize a mix of new, current, local, and traditional songs staying current on North American trends in worship music.

o    Be able to read Scripture and pray as needed.

o    Establish a creative planning team to design special creative elements, i.e. drama, faith stories, spotlighting announcements, etc.

o    Be available for special services, funerals, Christmas Eve services and other events, etc.

·         Organizational: develop long-range plans, create structure, set goals and budget for the ministry team, address personnel issues, mentor other leaders.

·         Administrative: work with technical ministries, organize music licenses, chord charts, team schedules, team communications

·         Work in a team relationship with the people providing technical ministries (audio, visual, and lighting)

o    Meet regularly with the Technical team ministry leader to plan worship service details.

o    Be responsible for a consistent, quality sound mix by giving regular, timely, and specific Feedback to the A/V techs.

·         Communicate with the Lead Pastor on a regular basis to discuss worship themes and maintain a trust-based working relationship.

·         Cooperate with the Church Board of Trustees and staff to enrich the worship ministry of church and promote cooperative relationships among its many people in ministry.

·         Participate in staff meetings and training as well as training events.



Personal Christian Walk:

·         A trusting relationship with Jesus Christ that is clearly exhibited in the leader’s life – you just get the sense that they know God intimately.

·         Seeks after and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, does not walk in the fear of man, and walks in authority


Musical and Worship Training/Experience:

·         Skilled Instrumentalist preferred

·         Lead quality vocalist – a strong, listenable voice to be easily followed.

·         Ability to bring out the best in team members by communicating in both musical and non-musical terms the expectations for instrument arrangements, vocal harmonies, etc.

·         Prior experience in church or para-church worship ministry is preferred.

·         Basic knowledge of sound, video, lighting, audio recording and editing is helpful.


Spiritual Gifts and Passions:

·         Leadership (the ability to influence).

·         Servant (the heart to help others wherever is needed).

·         The Psalmist (one who loves to sing).

·         The Minstrel (one anointed to play).

·         The Worshipper (one who is wholly given to another).



·         Joyful submission to Godly authority.

·         Friendly, open, honest, seeking community, encouraging, good chemistry with existing teams.

·         Must be a person of integrity.

·         Must have healthy relationships with his/her spouse and children and their support for involvement in this ministry.

·         Leaders are expected to participate in the shared life, personal growth, and accountability of a small group.


Organizational Skills:

·         The ability to maintain schedule for him/herself, the Worship team members, handle details related to worship planning and be prepared with planning ahead in worship

·         The ability to organize and communicate clearly and consistently.



·         Compatibility with the doctrine of Douglas Avenue Christian Church and supporting the mission and vision of the church.



The “Buzz”

The buzz about this Worship Ministry Leader will sound like this:

·         Driven by relationships, not by performance, and has created a tribe that serves with excellence.

·         Well-trained, but humbly seeks what God is currently doing at DACC.

·         Not just a Worship Ministry Leader, but is a worship MINISTRY leader.

·         May (or may not) be the most creative person, but is able to LEAD the creative.

·         Thinks like a high-level manager – always thinking ahead, taking care of details, and leading people.

·         Able to administrate: either detail-oriented or people-oriented and able to manage projects and timelines efficiently.

·         Doesn’t feel like being good at everything is necessary, but rather is great at getting the best from the teams.

·         Loves teaming up with people to get something done.

·         Even though he/she is really talented, it’s clear that he/she is a true shepherd.

·         Is so teachable, and though he/she has plenty to be proud about, is an approachable, unpretentious person.


Other Responsibilities

As we are a relatively small congregation, we would expect the selected candidate to utilize their other God-given gifts and passions to work in one or two other areas, such as Administration, Involvement, Outreach, Community, Children, Youth, etc.  The selected candidate will work with the Lead pastor to establish the job description for other responsibilities.


The Worship Ministry Leader will report to the Lead Pastor and shall be evaluated annually.



A degree from an affiliated recognized Bible college is preferred but not required.


Work Experience

Candidates will be asked to provide video sample of their worship leading.



Prior to being offered the role, the selected candidate will be asked to provide at least three personal/professional references who can be interviewed confidentially regarding the candidate’s capabilities. 


Salary Range

The salary range for this position is between $30,000 and $45,000 per year.  The final salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. 

Resumes should be sent to:  mark.moran@daccsj.ca


For more about Douglas Avenue Christian Church, visit www.daccsj.ca. 

To apply for this job email your details to mark.moran@daccsj.ca