Website Odosagih Bible Conference and Retreat Center

Title:  Director

Summary:  This is a full-time position. The Director shall have general oversight of all conference operations.

All functions and activities will be performed within the stated purpose, beliefs (Doctrinal Statement), vision, and standards of Odosagih Bible Conference Association, Inc.  Such oversight shall include three basic areas:

1.  Leadership in casting a vision as well as design, implementation, and evaluation of conference ministries with the support and approval of the Board of Directors

2.  Managing all of Odosagih’s activities and paid and volunteer staff

3.  Promotion of Odosagih Bible Conference and Retreat Center


1.  A love for people and a passion for God

2.  Previous camp or ministry experience is a must

3.  Minimum education:  Bachelor’s degree from a Bible college (or equivalent of life ministry experience)

4.  Good communication skills.  The ability and desire to preach and fill pulpit in area churches when asked or opportunity arises would be a big asset.

5.  Good organizational skills

6.  Be self-motivated

7.  In full agreement with Odosagih’s Doctrinal Statement

8.  Be actively involved in a local church

9. Character

a.  Strong evidence of the fruit of the spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23

b.  Above all “qualifications”, character is of utmost importance.  The ability to work long hours under pressure during the summer conference season.

c.  Even though this is not a church pastor/elder position, all of the qualifications of I Timothy 3:2-7 are applicable to the Odosagih Director position as well.

d.  Evidence that the Director fully recognizes the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of scripture in his own life

10. Basic bookkeeping and computer skills  (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.)

11. Basic handyman/maintenance skills

12. Be willing to submit to a background check and to check background of staff members

General Responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for the overall operation of Odosagih

2.  The conference Director will communicate, and work in conjunction with the Board of Directors to:

a.  Implement and uphold all Board policies

b.  Work with the Board to prepare long-range goals (which could include facility goals as well as program goals)

3.  Provide leadership and oversight of staff, including:

a.  Recruiting volunteers and hiring staff (seasonal full-time & part-time, as well as

volunteers), using screening procedures set by Board policy

b.  Evaluation of all staff

c.  Mentor and coach staff

d.  Recruit speakers and musicians – all speakers & musicians must be in complete agreement with Odosagih’s Doctrinal Statement

e.  Monitor safety practices of all staff and activities

4.  Oversight of programs and activities – which includes evaluating the schedule of retreats, as well as effectiveness and cost.  Looking for new ways to stimulate and encourage people in their spiritual growth as well as attract new people that have not been familiar with Odosagih

5.  Oversight of buildings and grounds

a.  Work with the Board and the Maintenance Director to prioritize improvements

b.  Make sure all camp facilities and equipment are maintained in good working order and

safe for all

c.  Coordinate volunteer work days for camp property maintenance

6.  Promotion and fundraising

a.  Systematically communicate with affiliated churches

b.  Intentionally look for new potential churches that are in agreement with our purpose

and beliefs

c.  Look for opportunities to use Odosagih’s facilities for other retreats/events during the

non-conference season (Sept-June)

d.  Communicate with current donors and promote fund-raising efforts as the need arises

e.  Serve as the primary spokesman and promoter of Odosagih to affiliated churches and individuals

7.  Perform other responsibilities as necessary or as assigned by the Board of Directors




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