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Winter Street Baptist Church is in the process of filling the position of Senior Pastor which became available in November 2016. Our church is organized along traditional Baptist lines and is supported by several Boards and committees. The Pastor is an ad hoc member of all Boards and Committees and regularly attends meetings of the Board of Deacons and Board of Christian Education. Average attendance at Sunday morning and evening connect groups services in 2016 was 85 and 30 respectively. Average Prayer Meeting attendance is 15. We also have a regular Sunday School for all ages average attendance for Sunday School is 30.

Our congregation is composed of members over a wide age span. Our Pastor should be able to relate to younger as well as senior adults. It is important that the Pastor be skillful in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Winter Street Baptist Church is conservative in theology, and we expect our Pastor to uphold the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Word of God.  Therefore, he must hold the Bible as the absolute standard of faith and Godly living, and be committed to the obedience of it’s teachings. We desire a Pastor who is concerned with preaching the Gospel of Christ and reaching the lost rather than teaching the gospel of tolerance and social change.

The Pastor has many responsibilities, including leading Sunday morning and special worship services, leading the weekly prayer meeting and Bible studies, participating in Board meetings, visitation, and protecting the spiritual well being of the congregation. It is important that our Pastor be skillful in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

We would like our Pastor to have advanced theological training and previous pastoral experience. The Pastor should also have a good reputation with both Christians and non-Christians outside the church. We are looking for a Pastor who is a leader with concern for the spiritual well being of the congregation sand not afraid to confront sin, yet seek an individual who is warm, friendly, sincere and willing to consider suggestions made by the lay people.

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