Where is life’s journey taking you? What are the challenges that may await you? What are the things holding you back from being all that God wants you to be? God has a plan for your life and we want to help prepare you to discover it.

Foundation to Build On
God’s Word ought to be a believer’s first concern, the tool that will help you move safely, purposefully and effectively through life. We will help you come to know God’s Word.

Formation of Faith
We want to help you make your faith your own because walking with Jesus by faith makes life’s journey exciting and worth while.

Focus for Life
What is God’s purpose and plan for you? God has something in store for your life and we want to help you discover God’s direction for you so you can live a focused, godly life.


There are three major parts to our LifeQuest program that give you a well-rounded experience, each playing a necessary role in preparing you for life.

As you study, we will equip you with a practical, workable knowledge of God’s Word and put tools in your hands that will help you discover what He has for your life. You will dig deep into courses such as theology, missions, church history, evangelism, discipleship, New Testament synthesis and a variety of Bible books.

Practical Christian Service
All students participate in real life ministries where they are able to use what they are learning in a variety of ministry settings. Students may be placed in youth groups, Sunday schools, good news clubs, music or drama teams, and even jail ministries. This practical approach will help you to be beneficial to your local church.

Student Life
A major part of the LifeQuest program is the student life. NBBI is a fantastic place to make lasting friendships as you study, grow, and serve together. It’s truly a family atmosphere!

Fall Semester

BI110 Genesis - 4hr
BI120 New Testament Synthesis - 3.5hr
BI132 Gospel of John - 3hr
BI152 Philippians - 1hr
CE112 Christian Education - 2hr
CE121 Principles of Teaching - 1hr
HI111 Church History 1 - 1hr
MI111 Missions 1 - 2hr
TH210 Theology 1 - 2.5hr

Winter Semester

BI120 New Testament Synthesis (contd.) - 3.5hr
BI161 II Peter & Jude - 1hr
BI181 Habakkuk - 1hr
CE111 Christian Ethics I - 1hr
GE121 Speech Communication - 2hr
PP111 Spiritual Life - 2hr
PP112 Personal Evangelism & Discipleship - 3hr
TH210 Theology I (contd.) - 2.5hr
TH221 Hermeneutics - 2hr