Student Testimony

Deanna Stearns, ABM/BTh Student

by Deanna Stearns, ABM (Bachelor of Theology) Student

“Deanna, would you be satisfied with only Me?” This is the question that has been on my heart and in my mind these last few months here at school. In thinking of all that God has brought me through these last (almost) four years of school here at NBBI and all that God has for me in the future I ask myself the question, “Am I satisfied and secure with Jesus alone?”

This actually was brought to my mind again the other day. Many of you who know me know that I use forearm crutches. These are what I rely on to get around and stay mobile. As I was walking the other day, one of the pins that holds them together fell out, and one of my crutches quickly broke as a result! This may seem a little bit strange, but even in this I was reminded that things of this life that I am secure in will not last. Just as my crutch broke, things that we become dependent on, other than God, will let us down and will “break”.

As I think about the end of my training here at school and the unknown future that is ahead of me, it is the prayer of my heart that whatever close friends I have to say good-bye to, whatever changes lie ahead, and whatever difficulties I may face, that I will be truly satisfied in my relationship with Christ. He is my Rock and my strength.

I ask you now…”What are you satisfied and secure in?” Whether your satisfaction is in cars, money, friendships, and even your family, please know that you will be let down! In Jesus is the only place where you will find true satisfaction. Let go of the “crutches” in your life and be satisfied in Him! “And ye are complete in Him…” Colossians 2:10.

This article appears in the April 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.

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