Faculty and Staff

Matthew Little
President, Faculty

Brenda Cabral (Mrs.)
Secretary to the President

Edward Craig
Maintenance Director

David Doherty
Campus Pastor, Academic Dean, Faculty

Mike Grant
Dean of Men, Faculty

Tim Leubner
Food Services Manager

Keith McMahon
Assistant Campus Pastor, Faculty, Manifest Director

David Meed
Printer, Mailman, Media Ministries Director

Rose Meed
General Secretary, Receptionist

Danny Robins
Business Manager, Secretary-Treasurer Board of Directors

Lorna Robins (Mrs.)
Business Office Secretary

Larry Rushton
Registrar, Bookstore Manager

Part-Time Faculty and Staff

Trent Boyd
Faculty, Buxton, ME

David Goupille
Faculty, Perham, ME

Rob Heijermans
Faculty, Kanata, ON

John Hoag
Faculty, Victoria Corner, NB

Mike Horsman
Faculty, Lower Brighton, NB

Dodi Little (Mrs.)
Librarian, Victoria Corner, NB

Beth McMahon (Mrs.)
Dean of Women, Faculty

Mary Meed (Mrs.)
Food Services Personnel, Victoria Corner, NB

Carol Peterson
Bookkeeper, Mount Delight, NB

Barry Speck
Faculty, Waterford, ON

Gary Stairs
Faculty, Owen Sound, ON

Wayne Heikkinen
Faculty, Somerville, NB

Retired Faculty and Staff

Robert & Avis Booker
Victoria Corner, NB

Eldeana Dunlop
Victoria Corner, NB

Fred & Marie Harold
Chatham, ON

John & Heather Hoag
Victoria Corner, NB

Gladys Kerr
Victoria Corner, NB

Wilbur & Leona Matthews
Victoria Corner, NB

Carol Peterson
Mount Delight, NB

Glen & Charlene Wiggins
Summerfield, FL