Those who have already completed the LifeQuest program or one year at an educational institution equivalent to ours, may transfer into our Biblical and Theological Studies Program. These two additional years will prepare you for full-time Christian service. After completing this program, you will be awarded a Diploma of Biblical and Theological Studies. Graduates from this program may transfer their credits into our Advanced Biblical Ministries/B.Th. program.

What to Expect

- Dive deeper into God's Word
- Engage in classroom discussion about current theological issues
- Gain valuable knowledge and experience for effective ministry

Who is it for?

– Those desiring to serve in full-time Christian service (Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist)
– Christians who have a passion for God’s Word
– Men and women who want to be faithful servants in their local churches

2nd Year – Fall Semester

BI210 Old Testament Survey – 3hr
BI221 Galatians – 2hr
BI232 Ephesians – 2hr
CE231 Children’s Ministries – 1hr
CE232 Youth Ministry – 2hr
GE211 English 2 – 3hr
HI222 Biblical Introduction – 1hr
MI210 Missions 2 – 2hr
TH310 Theology 2 – 2hr

2nd Year – Winter Semester

BI210 Old Testament Survey – 3hr
BI211 Daniel – 3hr
BI242 Pastoral Epistles – 3hr
CE214 *Principles for the Godly Woman – 2hr
CE222 *Lesson Development – 1hr
HI212 Church History 2 – 2hr
PP211 **Expository Preaching – 3hr
TH310 Theology 2 – 3hr

**course taken by men only
*course taken by women only

3rd Year – Fall Semester

BI310 Old Testament Survey – 3hr
BI320 Romans – 4hr
BI332 I Corinthians – 3hr
MI311 Missions 3 – 2hr
PP311 **Pastoral Theology – 3hr
PP312 *Ladies’ Ministries – 3hr
TH113 Contemporary Theological Issues – 2hr

3rd Year – Winter Semester

BI310 Old Testament Survey – 3hr
BI342 Hebrews – 3hr
CE321 Introduction to Counselling – 2hr
GE311 English 3 – 3hr
HI311 Church History 3 – 2hr
HI322 Cults – 2hr
TH114 Theology of Revelation – 3hr

**course taken by men only
*course taken by women only