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This update concerns the scheduled breaks on the NBBI school calendar. We have waited till now to release this information realizing that both International and Interprovincial policies could change. Please read carefully and make note of the following changes.

Christmas Break:

Previous Schedule called for Christmas break to begin after exams on Friday, December 18 with students returning to campus on Sunday, January 17, 2021.

Updated Schedule: Christmas break will begin after exams on Thursday, December 17 with those from New Brunswick returning on Sunday, January 24 and all Canadian and international students from outside New Brunswick returning on Sunday, January 17.

Explanation: The extra day from the U.S Thanksgiving break will be added to the beginning of Christmas and one week from March break will be added to the back end of the Christmas break. International students and those from provinces outside Atlantic Bubble will still have over 4 weeks for Christmas Break. They will return to self isolate for one week before other students arrive and then have one week of classes online. (This is similar to what happened in September).

Men for God and Youth Retreats:

Men for God and First Teen retreat is cancelled. – A decision will be made on holding the Second Teen Retreat and College for a Day later.

March Break:

March Break has been cancelled – one week has been moved to Christmas break and the other week has been moved to “long weekends” through the spring semester.

Spring Conference and Graduation

Spring Conference (at this time) will be by invitation only for family and friends of graduates. Graduation has been moved ahead one week to allow school to end the first weekend in May instead of the second weekend.

2020-21 Calendar Final