Spring Conference &
Graduation 2024

May 3-5, 2024

Dr. Chris Gnanakan

Keynote Speaker

Chris Gnanakan, from South India, worked as an electrician before studying the Bible, Theology, and Missions at the Word of Life Bible Institute, NY and Tennessee Temple University. He researched Pastoral Theology & Counseling at the South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies from where he earned his Doctorate in Ministry in Pastoral Theology and completed his Ph.D. from Leeds University, UK. Chris was awarded his Doctor of Divinity from Trinity Baptist College, FL, USA, for strategic leadership in missional movements.

Chris is our Professor for Theology and Global Studies at Liberty University and serves as the Director of Leadership Development for Christar. Chris and Dorothy have two daughters Alethea and Charis who graduated from LU. Chris loves to motivate people with God’s Word, mobilize them into the fields and mentor the next generation!

A full schedule for the event is TBD, please check back for updates!