Dr. Woodrow Kroll

All the disciplines of mankind pale in significance to the study of God’s Word. I recommend New Brunswick Bible Institute because the study of God’s Word is the foundation, the cornerstone and most of the building blocks of the education … Read More

Dr. Ray Pritchard

“NBBI provides sound biblical instruction based on the foundational doctrines of Christianity. The classes educate the mind, stir the spirit, and move the heart to respond in joyful obedience. If you truly want to know your Bible, come to NBBI … Read More

Dr. Wendell Calder (Class of 1959)

“New Brunswick Bible Institute provided me with the solid Biblical foundation upon which I have based my life and ministry for over fifty years. I highly recommend NBBI as the place to build godly character which leads to godly conduct.”

Dr. J. Ronald Blue

“New Brunswick Bible Institute is an incredible lighthouse to the world. I am especially impressed with the deep spiritual tone that exists on the campus, among the student body, and in every graduate I meet scattered around the globe. It … Read More

Dr. Renald E. Showers

“In the 1950s I became associated for two years with a graduate of NBBI who later faithfully ministered in Africa for many years. In the 1980s I became associated with another graduate of NBBI. Since that time we have served … Read More

Pastor Bob Snell

“NBBI is highly regarded throughout the evangelical community for their unequivocal teaching of the infallible truths of God’s Word. This has been powerfully complemented by the school’s commitment to practically involving students, faculty and staff in multi-faceted opportunities of service … Read More

Dr. Don Robins (Class of 1971)

“Desire to study God’s truth and make effective life applications? Consider enrolling at NBBI where the Bible is a core value in each class and with every student.”

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