Family News

BIRTHS July 29, 2009 – to Timothy and Angelina (Tice, ’07) Leach, a son, Gabriel Elihu. September 7, 2009 – to Josh (ABM ’00) and Andrea (Woolford, attended ‘98-’00) Cameron, a son, Jackson Carter. September 18, 2009 – to Derek … Read More

Chapel Speakers – January 2010

January 11-15  – Bob Dunlop – Spiritual Emphasis Week January 19-20  – Greg MacWilliam, Parkside Ranch January 21 – Harry Straub, Crossworld January 22 – Roger Black, Living Waters Bible Conference January 26 – Gary Long, CSSM Atlantic

Meditations from the Manger

Nothing has so changed the course of humanity as the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the central figure in human history. His birth was unrivalled, His life was undefiled, His nature was divine, His message was the message of … Read More

Summer Maintenance

By Paul Long, NBBI Maintenance Director Vacation With a Vision took on a smaller look this year, but a lot of work was accomplished. Thank you to all those who came and did whatever was asked of you. Also, thank … Read More

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