Deconstructing Darwin



Come join, Richard Fangrad, CEO, speaker and writer with Creation Ministries International in Waterloo, Ontario and Dr. Robert W. Carter, Marine Biologist, head speaker, writer and researcher with CMI, USA office in Atlanta, Georgia along with the rest of us here at NBBI for a series of seminars entitled, “Deconstructing Darwin.”

Atheist groups around the world are celebrating Charles Darwin’s bicentennial and his book, Origin of Species, which caused millions to doubt the authority of Scripture.

This conference, which is one of many happening worldwide, is designed specifically to equip Christians with answers to refute evolution using logic and cutting edge science.

Age: Must be 13 or older to attend

Costs: Individual: $45 Couple: $80  Family: $90

Youth/School Group: $15  Extra Family Members: $10

Accommodations: Limited space is available to stay on campus.  Make sure to register early.   If you prefer off campus accommodations, we have a list of  area motels here.

Registration: You may download and print the the seminar brochure here or use the form below to register online.

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