President’s Challenge

R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI
Dr. R. Barry Beebe President of NBBI

Above and Beyond Giving

by Barry Beebe

It is early September as I write this article and our students are arriving on campus for an exciting new school year.

We are giving praise to our God for a better than average summer financially. May, June, July and August are usually testing days for our staff and general fund needs. This year, because of God’s faithfulness, many prayers and your giving, our staff has not gone without and we are only about $20,000 behind. This is a much improved financial situation compared to last summer and some other years.

Out attendance continues to be low as we enter the 2009-2010 school year and we will be cast upon the Lord for the remainder of the school year.

Days of numerical and financial decrease are not always bad. It causes us to depend more on the Lord Jesus, draw near to each other, trim the unnecessary, rearrange our programs and priorities and review our goals and objectives. We must joyfully welcome what God allows and gives us and learn to be content, Philippians 4:11-13.

God continues to use NBBI to train up Christian workers. Each year more grads enter ministry in their local churches, Christian organizations or on the mission field. I often get to observe these younger grads and am thrilled to see how God is using them in youth work, evangelism, camp ministry, on mission fields and in pastoral leadership.

Thank you for your love and generosity to this ministry!

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