President’s Challenge – The Need of the New Year

R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI
R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI

The need of the new year is to find Samuels for God, Samuels to step forward for God; Samuels who will devote themselves to Scripture and service for Christ.

Samuel was born in answer to his mother Hannah’s prayer and through God’s gracious provision. He was a gift from God, 1 Samuel 1:10-11, 17. Hannah and her husband Elkanah raised him to believe in Jehovah, worship God and serve the Lord (1 Sam. 1:21-22,24,27-28).

Hannah gave her child back to God as an offering for God’s work and for the ministry of serving and leading Israel. He may only have been 4-5 years old when he joined the tabernacle priests, Levites and other young men, to learn how to minister to his God and his people (1 Sam. 2:18-20,26).

Samuel heard God’s amazing call to faith and service in the dark of night (1 Sam. 3:1-18) and he responded with a sincere cry, “speak for thy servant heareth.” I believe this was his conversion and the beginning of a ministry that impacted the nation because of his commitment to God and His Word (1 Sam. 3:19-21).

Sometimes we hear people ask, “Where are the young people who should be in theological training? Where are the young people who need to go to the mission field. Where are the young people who need to launch out in evangelism, outreach, church planting and discipleship ministry? Where are the young people to be future leaders of our churches?”

I truly believe the real question should be, “Where are the parents who are specifically raising their children to serve the Lord Jesus Christ? Where are the Hannah’s and Elkanah’s who will let their children go into ministry, missions and into foreign lands for Christ?”

We seem proud and honoured (though certainly a little fearful) when our youth go to other lands with guns in their hands to defend our liberty. Should we not be even more honoured to send forth our youth with Bibles in their hands to set free captives in the kingdom of darkness?

Every Christian mother and father should be raising their sons and daughters to be active servants of God in a local, Bible believing church. Every Christian parent should encourage their children to get at least one year of Bible training at a Bible institute or college. This will further prepare them spiritually, theologically, morally, biblically and ministerially for the spiritual battles they will face in future years and opportunities God will give them to impact the world.

Every Christian parent should be faithfully active in Christian service as an example to their children and willing to send forth their Samuels into God’s fields which are white unto harvest.

Don’t hesitate; don’t delay; don’t hold back — send Samuel!

This article appears in the January 2010 Open Bible Bulletin.  Download the pdf copy here.

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