Sufficient Grace Report

By Beth McMahon

Faith Crosby, Key Note Speaker
Faith Crosby, Keynote Speaker

“To God be the glory…” has been the recurring phrase in the comments we have received from those who attended our first Ladies’ Retreat! We were blessed to have over 270 ladies in attendance! Our speaker, Faith Crosby, touched our hearts with her clear communication of God’s Word and her vital relationship with our heavenly Father. She challenged us to practice A Wise Forgetfulness, A Willing Focus and A Winning Foresight. Then described to us the “Wonderful Hands of Jesus (Hands of Grace).” Her last session with us was entitled “Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus” and she gave us clear instruction on how to do that. God’s sufficient grace was evident as Faith shared her own walk with us; Lorna Robins shared her journey to joy through cancer and Karon Scott shared her testimony of being a single parent and a Christian businesswoman. Becky Betts wonderfully ministered to our hearts through music.

Becky (Knowles) Betts, Special Music
Becky (Knowles) Betts, Special Music

We are so thankful for each of these women who used what God had put in their lives as a tool of blessing and encouragement to those who were here. It was so amazing to have so many women together. So many different stories united through the sufficient grace of our Lord! We indeed say, “To God be the glory!” Please pray along with us as we look forward to our next Ladies’ Retreat! Plan to join us and bring your friends along with you!!

This article appears in the January 2010 Open Bible Bulletin. Download the pdf file here.

  1. Laura Nearing

    I really enjoyed the weekend for the Ladies retreat “Sufficient Grace” I can hardly wait for next year in hopes that this will be an annual thing just like the men’s. Thank you so much for hosting this event. May God bless you all!!

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