Press Release – White Powder Alarm

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On Monday, April 19th at approximately 1:30 p.m. the New Brunswick Bible Institute Registrar opened two letters from Ghana, Africa, one of which contained a suspicious white power. The RCMP were immediately called and they, in turn, alerted fire departments, the ambulance service and HAZ MAT (hazardous material response team). The school office complex was evacuated and three employees, who had come in contact with the envelopes, were isolated. Staff and students were notified and our campus was cordoned off. A thorough investigation was conducted of the school office and the material in question. Tests revealed the powdery substance to be non-threatening or harmful to those who came in contact with it, anyone on our campus, or the response teams.

We highly commend the efficiency, professionalism and dedication of the various police, EMS, fire departments and HAZ-MAT teams who responded to this call. We are thankful no one was harmed or injured as a result of this alarm. We are very appreciative of the federal and provincial governmental services and civic authorities who provide such a high level of protection for Canadian citizens.

Any further questions, concerns or requests for interviews should be directed to the President’s Office at New Brunswick Bible Institute.


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