Alumni News

By Robert Booker

Where in the world are they and what are they doing? Recently, the NBBI board of directors asked us to form a committee for the express purpose of: (1) re-establishing contact with our alumni; (2) connecting with present students regarding their future Alumni status; and (3) finding ways to re-develop the Alumni Association. The committee has seven members: Bob Booker (’68, NBBI faculty), Dave Goupille (’84, pastor), Pete Grenier (’88, pastor), Kirby Rushton (ABM ’97, carpenter), Lianne Bourgoin (’00, homemaker), Heidi Clark (’06, NBBI staff), and Liz Herlan (’10, NBBI student and entering her fourth year). We would encourage you as alumni to contact me by email or phone (506) 375-2241 with any questions, concerns or ideas regarding how to re- kindle the alumni spirit and how we can connect with you. We would also encourage you to attend Spring Conference, April 29-May 2. On Saturday afternoon, May 1, there will be a special alumni informational meeting and open forum. Please help us to help and encourage you.

This article appears in the May 2010 Open Bible Bulletin (available in pdf).

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